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Angry Miz Girl - Interview

Posted on December 16, 2010 at 4:33 AM

 Interview with the girl who hates Miz !  'Randy Orton is my favorite of all time! '


 We've all seen that nervous look ... what were you thinking when you saw Miz winning the WWE title from Randy Orton?

 Cayley: Wow, how much wrestling has fallen!

 It's pretty harsh! You dislike him on that much?

 Cayley: No, Not That much

  So, how nervous you were when you saw him winning the WWE , you'll be equally happy when someone will beat Miz?

  Cayley: Well, it depends on who will beat Miz.

  Who would you like to beat him and win the WWE title?

  Cayley: Randy Orton, of course!

  What WWE superstar do you like most?

  Cayley: Randy Orton!

  For how long have you been a WWE fan ?

  Cayley: About 2 years ... Randy is my favorite...all time .

  What do you like most at Randy Orton ?

  Cayley: It's really very cool ...

  OK,Have you got a message that you want to addressto Miz , which will definitely read this interview?

  Cayley: Congratulations ... but prepare yourself to be beaten!

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